Our programs

BehaviorAl health

The goal of our Behavioral Health Services is to sustain our on-campus, bilingual therapeutic presence of professional consultants and trained staff at each of our two sites and to offer extended help at home as well. We instill in our teachers a special set of qualities in order to work with children and families who live in difficult environments. Our partnerships with CALM, Family Service Agency, and CommUnify employ a well-trained interdisciplinary team of licensed, registered and paraprofessional staff to help us onsite in providing therapeutic care and referral services.

family advocacy

The Family Advocacy Program is a pilot project born out of the increased needs  families are experiencing due to the enduring pandemic crisis. Parents and guardians  can work one-on-one with a qualified Family Advocate to help with housing  needs, work-related issues, school enrollment, legal matters, relationship or  custody support, and medical concerns.

food program

Each day, Storyteller serves breakfast, lunch, and a healthy snack to help ensure that our children are receiving the nutrition they need for their growing minds and bodies. Daily nutritious meals optimize our children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and behavioral development. Healthy diets during critical developmental years contribute to a strong foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits, as well as minimize the potential of harmful conditions such as malnutrition and obesity.

Storyteller collaborates with the FoodBank of Santa Barbara County’s FLIP program (Food Literacy in Preschool) to supplement our food program. Modeling healthy behaviors and understanding the relationship between good nutrition, physical activity, and disease prevention are key features of the FLIP Program. Storytellers’ focus on nutritious meals, classroom lessons, and parent education on healthy eating greatly impact our children’s families as well.